Track 2 – Academic DBT Intensive Training Program

Track 2 is designed for recent graduates of Clinical Mental Health Master’s Degree programs in Psychology, counselling, and social work who are interested in obtaining advanced specialized training in DBT: a highly effective evidence-based treatment for Borderline Personality and other severe emotion regulation disorders. Modeled on the Columbia University DBT training program founded in 2007, it involves additional internship, supervision and training hours. This is a 2-year program; the final schedule will be announced once arrangements with local universities to nominate distiguised graduates are completed. The program is comprised of a rigorous academic curriculum, courses taught by Prof. André Ivanoff, Director of the Columbia University DBT Training Program and including BTECH /Linehan Institute DBT Intensive Training, paired with field-based DBT internship experiences that will take place under experienced, intensively trained, and certification eligible supervisors. Following are details of the program:

Step 1

Introduction to DBT

October 5th – 7th Introduction to DBT

Step 2

Strategic Planning Meeting

October 8th – Strategic Planning Meeting to Form DBT Self-Study & Skills Groups

Step 3

Weekly Self-Study Groups

Oct 2020 – March 2021 – Interns will attend weekly Self-Study Groups Learning DBT. Two courses will be offered on “Behavioral Assessment & Intervention” & “Introduction to DBT Practice” at a local University.

Step 4

5-DAY Intensive Training Course

April 2021 Part 1 of the 5-day Intensive Training Course

Step 5

Self-Study & Mentor Meetings

April to October 2021, continued self-study and assignment preparation in addition to Groups & Mentor Meeting in preparation for Part 2 Intensive. Interns will have to attend 3 days per week and attend DBT Consultation Seminars offered by Columbia University DBT Program

Step 6

5-DAY Intensive Training Program

October 2021 Part 2 of the 5-day Intensive Training Program

Step 7

Cases Assignment

October 2021 to October 2022 Interns will be assigned cases to apply DBT Therapy under the supervision of intensively trained & certified Clinicians in order to complete 700 hours of supervision