Track I –Dialectical Behavior Therapy Intensive Training Program for Experienced Professionals

This program is tailored for professionals in clinical mental health fields such as Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Work, Education, Mental Health Counselling, Nursing and NGO’s that handle refugees. It offers training, internship programs, & supervision of DBT practice. Upon completion of this 2-year program, the candidate will be acknowledged as having completed DBT Intensive Training and can practice DBT but cannot either provide supervision or training.
Following is an overview of the professional development program:

Step 1

Introduction to DBT

October 5th – 7th Introduction to DBT

Step 2

Strategic Planning Meeting

October 8th – Strategic Planning Meeting to Form DBT Self-Study & Skills Groups

Step 3

Weekly Self-Study Groups

Oct 2020 – March 2021 Weekly Self-Study Groups Learning DBT

Step 4

5-DAY Intensive Training Course

April 2021 Part 1 of the 5-DAY Intensive Training Course

Step 5

Self-Study & Mentor Meetings

April to October 2021, continued self-study and assignment preparation in addition to Monthly Groups & Mentor Meeting in preparation for Part 2 Intensive.

Step 6

5-DAY Intensive Training Program

October 2021 Part 2 of the 5-DAY Intensive Training Program

Step 7

Monthly Group Meetings

October 2021 to October 2022 Monthly group meetings at MDB for case and program supervision