InterContinental Hotel

MDB was given a rate of 100 JOD ++ per night including breakfast.

On the other hand, and if you prefer to personally perform the booking, then please follow This Link. Noting that there are 3 room categories from which guests can choose which type to book.

Shepherd Hotel

Single (JOD)Double (JOD)Triple (JOD)
Bed & Breakfast253545
Half Board324966
Full Board396387

Rates include 10% service charge and 16% tax.

Belle Vue Hotel

Special Rate (JOD), with Breakfast
Standard Single Room
Standard Double Room60
Standard Triple Room

Prices including Breakfast, tax and services.

Special Rate (JOD), with Dinner
Standard Single Room
Standard Double Room67
Standard Triple Room

Prices including Dinner, tax and services

Arabesque Hotel

MDB was given a rate of 32 JOD per night including tax and breakfast

  • 4 x Twin room: Bed and Breakfast Basic x 32 JOD x 3 Nights = 384 JOD